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Why Choose Us?

Superior Fleet Maintenance

Clean, well maintained vehicles.

Some tour operators outsource vehicle maintenance. We believe that when mechanics feel a sense of ownership over their vehicles, they maintain them better. So, to ensure consistency and quality, we have our own highly-trained staff of mechanics to oversee our fleet.

We also give our drivers incentives to keep their vehicles clean well-maintained, so they really do pay attention to every detail. For example, awhile back our drivers noticed that window glare was a problem for passengers taking photos from inside the bus. We listened, and then hired a company to develop sheen-free views. Customers can now enjoy taking their photos, without any glare or bounce-back.

Speaking of gleaming light, the exterior of our buses shine, thanks to our on-site bus wash. And to keep the paint fresh, we use an environmentally-friendly paint booth specifically engineered for buses.

TP Transportation